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Adam (forever young)
5-1989 / 6-2001

adam adam adam
paw paw
Rocky Bird Rocky1986-2003




Passing......time is still passing.
It doesn't seem right.
It should have paused...when you left.
So many spots are now empty.
Aren't there others who have noticed?
Empty and cold.
How could all of the joy
leave so quickly.
I think a-lot...
I know where you should be.
I know where you could be...
I know where you are not,
but I still look.
I look in all the empty spots.
Sometimes I forget, and say things.
I realise by the time they're out they were for you.
Strong, healthy, running, happy.
These are things I hope you are now.
It helps me to not feel sorry for myself.
"We will meet by and by.
We will meet on the beautiful shore."

Rainbow Bridge Poem

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